[thelist] OT: Windows 98 Shortcut Key

l a u r a *^* l y n c h cyberminkie at cyberwhirled.com
Fri Jul 21 15:43:56 CDT 2000

> I just tried and failed to get to the little menu / toolbar next to the
> windows key is called the Quick Launch using the keyboard only. No luck
> with the system tray either.

Um, did you actually try it with ctrl+esc rather than the windows key? Works
for me as originally described (ctrl+esc; esc; tab; arrow keys).

l a u r a *^* l y n c h
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<tip type="courtesy">
Okay, this has nothing to do with the web per say, but it is triggered by an
incident that occured during my commute, so...

If you offer your seat on public transportation to someone and s/he politely
declines, it is rude to continue to stand there next to the empty seat,
staring at the declinee. I would expand this to include all offers of
assistance/courtesy. I'm sure the offer is appreciated, but because you
offer does not obligate someone to accept. There may be reasons outside your
scope of knowledge (and that are none of your business) for the declination
(is that a word? You know what I mean.) of your offer. Accept it and move

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