[thelist] (thelist) When Do You Bill--Before or After Publication?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 21 17:18:05 CDT 2000

FYI, you don't need to add (thelist) to the subject line, the amil 
software automagically adds [thelist] if a post doesn't have it...

anyway, i charge a 10% (or so) start-up fee, and then i bill bi-
weekly as i accrue hours... the client receives an invoice with all 
my hours broken down by task with full descriptions of each, and 
the hours are multiplied by the hourly rate to produce the total due 
on that invoice...

it's the professional services billing model, much the same way 
accountants and lawyers do it... the client pays as i do the work... 
i can't afford to float a client for too long when i'm doing the work, i 
need to keep that cash flow going...

some clients want other terms, and i can usually work those out...

anyway, that's the simplified answer...

> From: "Aileen Wrothwell" <aileen at stonebikini.com>
> You've been so unbelievably helpful that I need to lay another billing
> question on you.  When you finish a client's site, when do you 

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