[thelist] CSS, Netscape, .class oddity?

Tony K Bounds tbounds at gci.net
Fri Jul 21 18:26:30 CDT 2000

on 7/21/00 12:19 PM, Erika Meyer at erika at seastorm.com wrote:

> go here: http://validator.w3.org/
> Your styles are valid, but you have some screwy code, mainly in the list:
> <font color="#FFB20F"><li type="square"></font>
> I don't know if this is the reason for Netscape's problems, but I
> wouldn't write NN off until your HTML is valid, or close to.
> Check the spec on making colored bullets.  If you can't do it with
> text, you can use an image instead.  With IE.
> Netscape will neither see the image-for-bullet nor the table borders.
> But you may be able to stop the crashing...

You were right Erika. Good eye! The nonstandard html was the problem. It
didn't play nice with css in NS. Used to work fine without css. Now it
breaks NS. I've ripped the offending code out of all the pages. At least
I've got my borders back. #B^) CSS lets me apply an bullet image for lists
which works in IE and is supposed to work in NS in the near future. I'll be
adding that soon.

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