[thelist] Hiding the results of a GET form

Michael Galvin mpgalvin at eircom.net
Sat Jul 22 03:38:43 CDT 2000

Hi there

I have an ASP page at work which allows our customer to maintain their own
set of users who have access to the database, etc.  I found that the easiest
way was to use the GET method on the form and call up a page which saves the
user's details to the database.  However, I have to get a password which
needs to be passed, which means that it appears in the address bar
(...&password=whatever).  I've put the page into a frameset (0,100%), but I
don't think this is the most secure method.  I could use POST, but this
would mean changing about 15 other pages, and messing around with the layout
that has been passed down from the tptb, so I'd like to avoid that, if I

Is there anyway of using GET but not showing everything in the address bar?


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