[thelist] Using CGI from ASP

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 22 07:36:45 CDT 2000

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> From: Michael Galvin
> I'm considering using a CGI script to send mail
> from an ASP page, rather
> than CDONTS or ASPEmail, mostly at the insistence
> of my ISP that it would be
> "no problem".  I'm currently writing the perl
> script, and I've set up a form
> in the ASP page that posts the information to it.

make sure you test the script... IIS's support for Perl is
good, assuming they have correctly installed the perl

fwiw, the ASP mail pieces are pretty simple... it might be
worth learning them so you can add it to your skillset...
but otherwise, your generic perl mail script should do the
job just fine...

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