[thelist] cookies in perl/cgi

Adrian Fischer info at aussiebidder.com
Sat Jul 22 08:21:47 CDT 2000

Hi Gang,

Im trying to set a cookie within a perl script...I have a form that asks for
name and password..it checks that they are ok and then asks if they are sure
they want to set a cookie....when they click yes I need to jump to a new
script to set the cookie.  All the previous are done within  the main script
so I need to jump out of that and write the cookie when the new script
runs...My problem is..I cant seem to work our how to jump from my current
script and run a new one.

I am using this  within my current script to try and jump me to biccyset.pl
but I must be doing something wrong (obviously).

elsif ($form{'action'} eq 'doit') {'lib/biccyset.pl';}

Im sure its in a book somewhere but I have just moved back to Australia
after a 2 year stint in the USA and all my stuff is still sitting on a wharf
somewhere.  I am a self confessed cgi/perl numpty.

Can any one please help.

ps...are there any other Australians on the list?

I owe big time..

Adrian Fischer

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