[thelist] When Do You Bill--Before or After Publication?

Palyne Gaenir palyne at sciencehorizon.com
Sat Jul 22 10:42:23 CDT 2000

Sometimes it depends on the client Aileen.  If I'm in doubt about 
their prompt payment, I require up-front payment before I start and 
final payment before the site is "live."  (It'll be ready, it just 
won't be 'live' linked from the domain home.)  Otherwise, I bill 
whenever I (a) have a decent amount for an invoice, (b) happen to 
need money, or (c) it's the beginning of the month and all basic 
server invoices go out.  It seldom hurts to require final payment 
before the site goes live.  Even with good clients you tend to get 
paid faster that way. :-)   FWIW. Palyne

On 21 Jul 2000, at 17:02, Aileen Wrothwell wrote:
I'm wondering when you all bill for a site?

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