[thelist] [thelist]Drop down form thing

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Jul 22 10:54:48 CDT 2000

Steve Maxey wrote on 21/7/00 5:24 pm

>>Another thing while I'm on the drop down form thingy....I have created a
>>button for the user to hit when the selection has been made called
>>"go"...(original!)  ...anyway, it seems that Netscape on the Mac can't deal
>>with "Onclick" ...what is up with that????  I'm now using OnMouseover
>>...which is a totally different user experience.  People like to "CLICK"
>>....man...none of this mouseover wimpiness!!!
>Why not use the submit button? Then you can have a CGI/ASP redirect script 
>to handle submissions for those users with Javascript turned off

You could *try* onFocus - you never know what kookiness NS built
into that puppy.


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