[thelist] Using CGI from ASP

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Sat Jul 22 12:19:20 CDT 2000

Michael Galvin wrote:
> I'm considering using a CGI script to send mail from an ASP page, rather
> than CDONTS or ASPEmail, mostly at the insistence of my ISP that it would be
> "no problem".  I'm currently writing the perl script, and I've set up a form
> in the ASP page that posts the information to it.
> Has anyone on the list done things this (albeit hackneyed) way, and is there
> anything that is going to cause me to weep uncontrollably over the next few
> days?

The biggest problem is making sure you have the right tools installed with Perl to
talk to the SMTP service. By default ActiveState does not come with them. I can't
find my email to the list from a month or two ago explaining this, if I can find it
I'll forward it.

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