[thelist] Are Web designers weird?

rudy limeback r937 at interlog.com
Sat Jul 22 12:19:31 CDT 2000

>BTW:  Que este 'raman'?

hi john

top ramen -- flavoured noodles

there are many brands -- for example, i favour [supermarket chain] sobey's
house brand called "smart choice simulated chicked flavour"

judging by the context of the ramen reference in recent posts, this subject
would have to be considered on-topic


>And then there's those among us who, when they found out what
>meant, went "EUREKA!!!"... and either immediately retired or slowly weened
>ourseves from the rat-race to stay home with the wife'n'kids, backyard
>broccolli patch, and neighbours.  Who says that this new digital medium
>doesn't enhance community?

[homer simpson voice:]  mmmmmm, telecommute...

thanks, john   ;o)

community is always on topic, but just in case...

  How to Build Lame Web Sites
written jan 98 and still rocks

webdevelopersjournal is kinda cool, i just checked it out again, found
another cool article which attracted my curiosity simply by its title --

  Hey Napster fans! Pull your pants up, turn your hat around and get a job.



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