[thelist] SSH/Telnet/SecureCRT

Gina K. Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Sun Jul 23 15:00:38 CDT 2000

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the link! I was looking elsewhere in my hosters
files and they say they will install your private RSA key
for $25 or upload my own key (again, they suggest
SecureCRT). What is a "RSA key"? Using Putty, will I still
need to purchase the RSA key from my hoster?


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|Heya Gina -
|"Gina K. Anderson" wrote:
|> Now, I have done a bit of searching around on the net,
|> because I had *no idea* what this was. The link
|they provide
|> above goes to a site that looks like another
|hosting co., so
|> I think they mean VanDyke's SecureCRT program. I
|found that
|> SSH capable telnet programs (even the shareware) costs
|> around 60-100 bucks..eesh. Two I looked at:
|SSH can be thought of the same way as telnet, it
|lets you provide
|commands to a remote server through a text based
|interface. Once
|everything is said and done, they both look and
|act the same. SSH just
|provides a secure link to the server you're
|connecting to so no one can
|peek in on what you're doing.
|> Is there a cheaper way to do this? :P I really don't use
|> Telnet *that* often, but I find I occasionally need it to
|> debug a Perl script or to set up a cron or something.
|> Anyone throw me a bone?
|Putty is a full featured SSH client for free.
|SecureCRT blows IMHO, and
|if you're not going to be using it much, there is
|no reason to pay for
|it :)
|Shout if you have any more questions.
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