[thelist] XHTML overrated (was: CSS, Netscape, .class oddity?)

snowboom2 at mindspring.com snowboom2 at mindspring.com
Sun Jul 23 21:31:00 CDT 2000

> their tools won't handle it?  does DreamWeaver code XHTML?

Not that I can tell, at least not Dreamweaver 3. I wish it did though...

> no, i've thought about making pages forward-compatible, but
> i honestly think it's so far off that most of my current
> sites don't need it, and as such, why not just stick to the
> HTML4 specs?  at least that way i can still enforce the

I agree, in most cases switching to xhtml is a bit pointless, since by the
time there are solid reasons to code with xhtml you will have probally
redone those pages again anyway a couple of times.

> i like the concept, but its practicality right now is
> minimal...

Yes it is... but it is *definitely* worth learning and getting used to,
which is one reason I think some people are using it in their code samples,

At work we are using an xsl based template system to generate various pages
which are all exported to html. The thing is, using normal html code in the
xsl sheets made the parser choke and we had to use proper xhtml which now
works flawlessly. As systems using xml become more common the importance of
knowing proper xhtml (and xml) increases. It's not like html where your
table might have an extra row, in our system at least, improper coding would
result in no page being generated at all.

> i'm curious of you folks who are coding to the XHTML spec,
> why?

The above for me is why... outside of people currently working with xml
though, the best reason for coding in xhtml is to just get into the practice
of it, because it is pretty strict and for some it could take awhile to get
into the hang of coding properly. If you write valid html now, the
transition will be much easier. It's really pretty easy, and makes logical
sense to me. I am happy to give up some of my old html tricks if it could
lead to a more uniform browsing experience. Here's hoping!

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