[thelist] chmod & PHP question

James Spahr james at designframe.com
Sun Jul 23 21:36:56 CDT 2000

on 7/23/00 8:55 PM, Anthony Baratta at Anthony at baratta.com wrote:

>> I'm having file permission problems with doing file system writes with PHP.
> If the file is not owned directly by the web server 'service', or if the web
> server
> service is not part of the group the file is owned by, then only a world
> writable
> file will be write accessible to the web service.
> Clear as mud??

actually yes. :)
(I've been a user on BSD systems, this is my first time as an admin on a
linux system)

ok - PHP is running as user 'httpd', and the files & directories are owned
by 'admin' or 'dev_df' - so how can I put them in the same group so 'httpd'
has write access to these directories?

(is it that easy?)


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