[thelist] Dynamic StyleSheets?

Donna Jones donnajj at gwi.net
Sun Jul 23 23:00:22 CDT 2000

Tony K Bounds wrote:
> Is there a way to dynamically assign a style sheet according to the browser
> and client type? I seem to remember seeing some js snippets somewhere that
> could do this. I just don't remember where.
> TIA,

Hi Tony, and here's another solution, though maybe Eric's is simplier. 
I just finished taking a css class at SmartPlanet and "discovered" the
body  border attribute.  Unfortunately, it only works well in IE4+
(well, it would work in NN, I think, but I'm applying a background
repeat-y and the two together get totally screwed up).  So .... this one
talks about platforms, too.  There are four choices: Windows/IE and NN,
and Mac/IE and NN/  So, I made two style sheets and just linked IE to
one, and the three others to the other one (w/out the border).  Yep, it
all goes in the heading.

Just did this tonight, so its "hot off the press", and a little scary
that maybe it works right for me but not the rest of the world. ;)  If
anyone sees anything weird, please let me know.

You can get to the code through the link to my home page in my
signature, right below.


Donna Jones
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