[thelist] XHTML overrated (was: CSS, Netscape, .class oddity?)

Isaac Forman isaac at members.evolt.org
Sun Jul 23 23:12:15 CDT 2000

> anyone else?

This may be a stupid question, but will portable devices, with custom-designed
browsers, bother supporting HTML? Initially, their content may be defined with
XML (if I understand XML correctly) since they're offering completely custom
solutions, but you can't rule out the fact that they may then be able to access
the Web in the future too, right?

And this custom-built XML browser could happily read an XHTML site? And your
everyday browsers would happily read it too?

Why wait until you start spotting strange browser strings in your logs, when you
can write XHTML now. Is it that difficult? (not rhetorical - serious question)

I already code in lower case. I make every effort to close tags, and I now
instinctively type <br /> instead of <br>. Apart from doing this with IMG and
other similar tags, what else is there to do in the march towards writing "real"

Is the difficult part having to drop non-standard code tweaks that are otherwise
nice to have around?

On a completely different subject, is there a standards compliant replacement
for <nobr>? I like it, and put up with CFStudio warning me that I shouldn't be
using it.


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