[thelist] Come work in Scotland!

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Mon Jul 24 14:34:39 CDT 2000

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We are looking for around a dozen of the UK's (World's?) best programmers 
for a very interesting and well-funded (eight figures) project which will 
begin very shortly with first phase being due for completion in October.

We have the backing of all the major players (multinationals) within the 
relevant industry, with rollout to the US and Japan following UK launch.

We are based in the central belt of Scotland and are currently completing 
the installation of our IT infrastructure.

We need top people very quickly for a variety of programming posts.  If 
anyone can advise on how to get the best programmers at very short notice 
would like to send me their CV / details I would be very grateful.

Kind Regards,

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