[thelist] Hosting a site

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Mon Jul 24 14:53:32 CDT 2000

Hoenig, Robert wrote on 24/7/00 7:18 pm

>1.) What does transfer rate mean?  I've seen anywhere from 500 meg to 5 gig
>per month.  I'm assuming the higher the better, but I would like to know
>what it actually means.
How much data is allowed to leave your web space in the time. If your site
gets busy and out-transfers its allocation, they close you down (or bill
you more) until the next allocation period starts.

>2.) What is the difference between E-mail Pop accounts and E-mail aliases?
>I found companies that would give you 5 pop accounts and you could have
>unlimited aliases.
Think of it like this:
My house has one letterbox (POP account). 

However, you can write to me at

Martin Burns, 30 Shandon Place
EasyWeb Design, 30 Shandon Place
Martin Burns, 12/3 Terrars Croft
Martin Burns, No. 30, EH11 1QJ
Martin Burns, ContentManagement House, Shandon Place
PO Box 12345, EH11 1QJ
(actually, the last 2 aren't true, but they could be)

Each of those is an alias. Because the postal system is smart, it knows
to redirect all of them to my single letterbox.

>3.) Finally has anyone tried out some of the free hosting companies.  I
>found a couple out there.  I'm just wondering if your getting what you pay
>for in that case.
Absolutely. Nice for personal stuff & to try stuff out, but other than 
don't touch 'em.


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