[thelist] Re: is web design dead?

Roger Newbrook roger.newbrook at mari.co.uk
Tue Jul 25 04:14:14 CDT 2000

> You might say that designers weren't involved, or were prevented from
> being 'cool'. And you'd be right. The purpose of a supermarket is
> generally not to be cutting-edge cool, it's to sell the maximum product in
> the minimum space in the minimum time.
> Designers *are* included in the process (although less in the design of
> individual stores as the overall generic plan for all of a company's
> outlets), but their role is to make the store design fulfil the goals of
> max profit, min space, min time. And the conventions of store design are
> based on a very, very large amount of time and money spent in consumer
> research & behavioural studies.
Absolutely, we're all psychologists too :)

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