[thelist] [ot] monitor help: which 17" or 19" and from who?

Whitten, Gary gwhitten at eprise.com
Tue Jul 25 10:41:12 CDT 2000

ViewSonic has just put out some new flat monitors.  Unfortunately, I can't
find the flyer from my vendor with the model numbers on it.  I tend to like
ViewSonics.  Their support can be a pain, but it's not that big an issue
since we almost never need to call them.


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> Okay I'm looking to buy a new computer soon (mostly likely a dell) and am
> also looking to get a great monitor.
> I am considering either getting a 17" or 19" monitor, but at the
> same time,
> want to keep the price I spend on it relatively low (ie, hopefully no more
> than $500) because more than likely in 2-4 years I'll be getting an LCD
> display, once they become cheaper and more ubiqitious.
> So I come with the question, which screen size should I get for
> price/features? Should I just get a top of the line 17" monitor and save
> some bucks (at least $200) verse a 19"? Will having that slightly larger
> screen make that much of a difference (I do know that a larger screen is
> beneficial in being more productive but in this case is it that much?).
> Also, I am looking to get one of those flat monitors (hopefully or close
> enough to it), since obviously the picture quality is a ton better and a
> whole lot easier on the eyes.
> What monitors I have found that offer some of the best picture quality are
> these listed below (I know not all of them are completely flat):
> G series by ADI:
> http://www.adiusa.com/gfd.html
> Mitshubishi Monitors:
> http://www.mitsubishi-display.com/
> Hitachi Monitors:
> http://www.hitachidisplays.com/products/index.htm
> And of course their is the famous Sony monitors, where also ADI
> and Dell use
> the same and new FD trinitron tube from Sony in their monitors. I know
> getting a 19" FD trinitron monitor from Dell is the cheapest
> route to a 19"
> monitor by far (and also to a 17"), but at the same time, is it a great
> picture and worth it? What about any of the others above?
> Any help would be great.
> thanks
> -ted
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