[thelist] My MySQL tables got corrupted

Katherine Spice k.spice at acu.ac.uk
Tue Jul 25 11:19:16 CDT 2000

Christopher Ditty wrote:
>      Can someone give me some examples of how some of my MySQL tables got
>      corrupted?  I am running MySql on a *NIX based system if that matters.

if you know which version you are running you could check out
www.mysql.com for bug fixes in newer releases.

>      Also, does anyone have any type of solution for when the database goes
>      down?  ie....how are you notified?  Mine went down at 11:30pm.
>      Luckily, I checked it before hitting the sack.  If I had not checked
>      it, it would have been down all night.  My ISP support said that a 10
>      line script could do the job, but did not offer anything more than
>      saying that.

you could write a cron job to connect to + query the database.  if it
gets the answer it was expecting, then all's well, if not then it could
stop and restart the database engine, and query it again.  if there is
still a problem you could have it send you a mail.  set this to run
every day/hour/half-hour/10 min - depends on how important it is.


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