[thelist] Mysql errors

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Wed Jul 26 00:28:33 CDT 2000

CDitty wrote:
> Can someone explain what these 2 mysql errors are?  I found them in an .err
> file in my mysql directory.  I searched the Mysql website and looked
> through my book and couldn't find anything.  They are kinda self
> explanatory, but why are they appearing?
> 000725 17:34:12 Warning: setrlimit couldn't increase number of open files
> to more than 164
> 000725 17:34:12 Warning: Changed limits: max_connections: 30 table_cache: 62

According to my O'Reilly book - mySQL and mSQL (page 63) You might need to increase
the max_connections and table_cache settings when mySQL starts.

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