[thelist] Are Web designers a dying breed?

martin burns martin at members.evolt.org
Wed Jul 26 06:42:19 CDT 2000

Roger wrote:
> see www.designmuseum.org for a brilliant example of an elegant,
> engaging,
> exciting and witty site (i think so anyway). both design and content are
> blended here seamlessly, an excellent use of flash too, functional, and
> intuitive. 

Don't know about the Flash version (at the office, the corp asset management software broke my Flash 1st time I rebooted & I can't reinstall it), but the HTML version thinks it's a print production:

*) It forces a fixed window with JS and turns off all the browser toolbars
   & buttons
*) All the page titles are the same, so you're inhibited from browsing it in the
   order you want
*) Much of the text content is rendered images (with no ALT texts)
*) None of the other images have ALT texts
*) The content is essentially repurposed brochureware (why not show me the
   exhibition, rather than reprinting one image from the catalogue?) with the
   absolute minimum of content (one page for special events?)
*) No links to anything, even when a URL is cited (eg the GoSee card info)

No doubt the Flash version thinks it's Television.

For a museum celebrating the best in product design, this is inexcusable.


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