[thelist] CSS Question

Peter-Paul Koch ppk at xs4all.nl
Sun Jul 30 12:01:16 CDT 2000

>Is one allowed to define and set a class to use inside a form input 

Sure. Keep in mind that Netscape hardly supports any styles for form elements.

>I have this weird thing where I have textareas and text boxes 
and I'm using CSS and they're all inside TD tags which are defined 
and yet they come out using different fonts when typed in.  

Define a font for input, select and textarea (IE only, I think). The TD
font is obviously not inherited by the form elements.

>And, I need to make some textareas that are totally PRE inside so that 
monospaced aligned data can be entered.  Are classes 
allowed/effective for form elements?

<TEXTAREA WRAP="physical">, I think. Experiment a bit with the WRAP
attribute. Other possible values are ON, OFF, VIRTUAL, NONE. NN and IE
handle this slightly differently, so do some experiments in both browsers.


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