[thelist] Angora socks comment on DJC article

Jacob Stetser lists at icongarden.com
Wed Aug 2 20:38:33 CDT 2000

If he leaves, he chose to leave. We weren't throwing stones. 
Personally, I think the comment was in bad taste, but I never weighed 
in on whether it should be removed or not. I simply asked him _why_ 
he made that comment. So far I haven't heard a response to that.

If you want to see persecution, you're going to see persecution. But 
this is not even a flame war, because people have for the most part 
behaved themselves. Moreover, most people who've been around a little 
while on the Net can handle a few contrary opinions and even flames 
here and there.

So don't blame us for his choice to leave. Most of us were indeed 
quite civil to him, but you can't blame us for not appreciating our 
first impression of him, or for reasonably stating our objections to 
what he wrote.

>>  start this e-mail thread), let me cure you of the
>>  cancer. Goodbye.
>I hope that doesn't mean you're leaving the list. That would be a rather sad
>indictment, driving somebody away within 3 days of their arrival due to
>intolerance surrounding a single comment.
>Brave new world, huh? Looks like the same old horse**** to me.
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