[thelist] SALARY.COM: Is that right???

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Thu Aug 3 13:37:56 CDT 2000

Fellow Evoltians,

Do you think these positions actually exist?  Content Specialist I, 
II, III?  Designer I, II, III?

1. most "new media" jobs I look at go something like this:

<compiled generic web developer ad, only somewhat satirical...)
Web Developer: must know HTML, Dreamweaver (and/or FrontPage), ASP, 
JavaScript, DHTML, Perl, Unix, Java.  Must have 5+ years experience 
professional GUI design.  Must have at least 2 years experience 
working on a high-traffic web site, preferably a portal.  Candidate 
must have excellent writing skills and enjoy working in fast paced 

Be prepared to show portfolio with at least one (1) example of a site 
you have worked on, and be prepared to explain how you contributed to 
the development of that site.

salary usually around 65-85k in some CA city.
(or they tell you to 'send salary requirements.')

2. The nearest town they had listed to me is about 4-6 hours away... 
but apparently they know exactly what people in Arcata, CA earn:

A Content Engineer II - Web working in Arcata, CA 95521 earns a 
median base salary of $88,702. The top half of earners are paid an 
average of $108,814 and the lower half of earners are paid an average 
of $80,352.

How silly. The only people in Arcata, CA that make 80-100k are 
University administrators, high-level timber executives, and maybe 

Most people in Arcata make little more than minimum wage.  Web 
designers all have day jobs (sometimes 2 or 3).  Content engineer? 
yeah, right.


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>  > From: 	Stephen Shelley
>  >
>  > Fellow Evoltians,
>  >
>  > What do you think of the numbers given in Salary.com's
>  > (http://www.salary.com) Internet/New Media section? Do they correspond to
>  > what the going rate is for your area? Just wondering how "legitimate"
>  > their numbers really are...
>  >
>  > -sas-

erika at seastorm.com

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