[thelist] Angora socks comment on DJC article

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Thu Aug 3 13:56:00 CDT 2000

At 05:38 PM Wednesday 8/2/00, you wrote:
>Scott_Brady at themoneystore.com wrote on 2/8/00 4:47 pm
> >More importantly, this starts evolt down the road of censorship.  Nothing in
> >those comments were actually obscene.  Suggestive, yes.  Obscene, 
> no.  What's
> >next? Do we need to start censoring all the posts?  Who decides when
> >something
> >is inappropriate?  After we start censoring posts, do we then start making
> >claims that all posts are the property of evolt.org and evolt.org reserves
> >the
> >right to use all submissions to thesite in any way they see fit?  Wouldn't
> >that
> >be ironic, considering how evolt got its start.
> >
> >I think if people don't like the comments, then they can choose to ignore
> >that
> >person's posts in the future.

Would there be a way to have an 'Ignore' box next to comments in a future 
version of evolt? I'd never use it, but other's might (those who are truely 
offended). I would think this would add a few database tables and a little 
overhead for extra calls to the db... but it could be worth it.


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