[thelist] SALARY.COM: Is that right???

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Thu Aug 3 14:03:28 CDT 2000

> What do you think of the numbers given in Salary.com's
> (http://www.salary.com) Internet/New Media section? Do they correspond to
> what the going rate is for your area? Just wondering how "legitimate"
> their numbers really are...

I think they're a little high for my area (and some are a lot high), but I
work in NYC, which probably has one of the most diverse salary ranges for
new media workers and it seems like only the top half of that range is
really represented. Additionally, I question some of their
titles/descriptions. For instance, despite doing two extensive job searches
in the area (read: I wasn't in a position where I had to take the first
thing that came along, so I took the time to find what I really wanted,
which meant reading a *lot* of ads) I have never seen (or heard of) anyone
with the title or duties associated with Surfer - Web, but they're showing
salary ranges of 38-46k. That's more than a lot of places are offering HTML
jockeys. And believe me, if I could find a job that offered me 40k to surf
the web all day, I'd take it. I guess what I'm saying is, take it with a
grain of salt. Maybe use it as a starting reference point, but also check
the job listings in you area, as they will probably give you a much more
realistic take on the salary picture you should be looking at.

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