[thelist] <select> and defaulting to "All"

David Crowther david at SITD.COM
Fri Aug 4 05:20:34 CDT 2000

I am providing a compound search option in a site that I am coding in
ColdFusion. The two search choices are by County and Category.
I want to set the default option to "All" (all the counties) in the County

For example:

<select name="County"
		<option value="*" selected>All</option>
		<option value="Aberdeenshire">Aberdeenshire</option>
		<option value="Anglesey">Anglesey</option>
		<option value="Angus">Angus</option>
		<option value="Antrim">Antrim</option>... etc

And my query code:

<cfquery name="getSearchResults" datasource="#application.database#"
		FROM ((tblCustomer inner join tblCustomerDetails on
tblCustomer.CustomerID = tblCustomerDetails.CustomerID)
		inner join tblCategories on tblCustomer.CategoryID =
		WHERE County = '#form.County#'
		AND tblCustomer.CategoryID = #form.CategoryID#
		ORDER BY CompanyName

As you can see I have tried using a * as the first option in my <select>
tag, but unfortunately this does not work.

Does anyone have an idea how I can get this to work... many thanks in


<tip type="Photoshop 5.5">
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Picker when you want to make sure your web site is web safe.

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