[thelist] The End, I hope, of Angora socks comment on DJC article

Ron White rwhite at edverify.com
Fri Aug 4 08:51:00 CDT 2000

Ok, I'm kind of bugged about the track that this took. I NEVER said it was
anything, but INAPPROPRIATE for a WebDev site. Nothing about obscene, rude,
crude, offensive or whatever other words got put into my mouth. If he
disagreed with DJC's article a simple "That security hole is a bunch of
crap" would have sufficed. I am not a supporter of the "Religious Right" nor
was I personally offended by the comment.

The graffiti comment (Aardvark's?) made me think: Yes, some graffiti is
funny, but do I want it on the walls of my neighborhood? The answer is No,
as I suspect it would be for the majority of you all as well. This was
graffiti of our online neighborhood, was it funny? Yes, somewhat. Do I want
it on the "walls" of this neighborhood? No. Am I going to get my knickers in
a twist if it stays? No.

My 3c

<tip Type=ASP>
When changing code or importing records from an outside data source use

dbConn.Execute rSql

to catch any errors in the data without putting anything into the DB

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