[thelist] Color Concensus

martin burns martin at members.evolt.org
Mon Aug 7 13:41:33 CDT 2000

Adam wrote:

>  Has the school of thought 
> > on the standard 216 changed?
> Well, sort of. It seems that lots of folks seem to think it's
> unnecessary to
> cater to the 216 palette as most computers can display millions (24-bit)
> of
> colors.

Also many sites are designed by people who run their fast machines at millions of colours and 1600px resolution, forgetting that their audience ain't all like that.

Many PCs come from the factory at 8bit 640x480, and many users have nfi how to change this.

The designers in question will no doubt wibble on about 'the brand', forgetting that they can't do Pantone online.

> The problem with this thinking is that pretty soon, most browsing will
> be
> done on handhelds, appliances, phones, and other small devices (well,
> maybe
> not "most" but a good chunk). Most of these will have 8-bit displays, if
> they're color at all.
+1 on this


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