[thelist] trim your posts - gentle admin reminder

elkay lwkraemer at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 7 20:16:21 CDT 2000

Ah! But don't trim TOO much!

"Thanks mucho. That solved my problem!"
...doesn't pass much to fellow evolters. If someone does solve your problem,
it would be nifty if you'd reiterate the problem (abbreviated, maybe) and
specify the solution (abbreviated, maybe) provided that fixed you up.
There's lots of threads and most of us are interested in the results, but
can't follow the flow of all threads.

<tip type="save a trip to the server" author="elkay">
When you go to a site without specifying a document, add the '/' suffix to
the URL to inform the server that you're looking for the default document so
it doesn't have to ask your browser that obvious question.

From: "aardvark" <roselli at earthlink.net>
> don't forget to trim your posts, folks...

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