[thelist] site check: isolating network trouble

Zachary Mutrux zacm at etr.org
Tue Aug 8 14:55:21 CDT 2000

Hi All:

It always happens this way. We're ready to go live with a site, we've made
all the last minute adjustments we can, and--our client on the other side of
the country suddenly has trouble connecting to our site.

I've been unable to isolate the trouble. Nothing has changed on our server
since yesterday (no trouble then). I can connect to the site fine over a
33.6 dialup and over our T1. My client can connect to other sites around the
country, in our region, and even served off a different machine in our
building without incident. This last would seem to point to our server, but
I don't have any trouble connecting to the site.

If y'all can offer any suggestions for next steps (I have a call in to our
network admin already), I'd appreciate it. If you can try to connect to the
site and relay to me your experience off-list, that would be great, too.


Thanks for any help you can offer!


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