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Richard H. Morris richard.morris at web-designers.co.uk
Wed Aug 9 05:33:42 CDT 2000

Marlene Bruce [marlene.bruce at colemandesign.com] suggested:

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> Whew.

Whew, indeed!

> Okay, so I ended up creating 4 style sheet versions which would be
> served after doing a browser detect. After doing some testing (Mac vs.
> Windows, Navigator vs. IE), I came up with:

So have you got a browser detect page and then four versions of the site
with the 'correct' stylesheet linked or have you got it scripted so that
there's just one set of pages, all of which test for the browser then select
the stylesheet to apply accordingly?

> I don't know whether your situation allows for browser detect and various
> style sheets, but it can be a great and simple solution if your
> backend can
> be set up to handle it. I ended up using 9pt for IE5, nothing (revert to
> default font size, which would be equal to 1em) for all Mac v.4.x
> browsers,
> and .7em for Win v.4.x browsers. Of course, the sizes just
> mentioned are for
> general content to be readable, and in all cases the font size can be
> changed by the user to allow for variations in users' eyesight.

That's what we're aiming for.  The iMac arrives (we're told) next Tuesday so
we can horrify ourselves with a look at how our sites look on Macs!

> I'd actually be curious to have someone comment on my choices. I tested on
> Mac and Win, in various 4.x and 5.x browsers, and my solutions seemed to
> work well.
> Richard (or anyone), if you care to see my style sheets let me
> know and I'll
> send them off-list.

Please.  Do you have any example URLs I could look at?

> Best of luck,


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