[thelist] The Open Windows Project

Minh Lee Goon v7ac at sdsumus.sdstate.edu
Wed Aug 9 10:00:34 CDT 2000

Just FYI: http://openwindows.sourceforge.net

An excerpt:
The Open Windows Project aims to create a 100% Microsoft Windows
compatible operating system that is totally free of Microsoft
proprietary code. As it's name implies, O.W. will be completely open
source and freely re-distributable. It will recreate the desktop
environment of the upcoming Windows Millenium distribution, which is
remarkable similar to that of GXExplorer. Open Windows will draw from
current open source projects to expedite its production. These include:
GXExplorer, FreeDOS, ReactOS and WinE. You may have seen similar
projects that intend to use a modified version of Linux, etc. Open
Windows will not be a Linux distribution; it will be written Windows
compatible from the ground up. Initially the group will focus on
compatibility rather than improvement, but the goal of the project is to
create a better product than Microsoft.


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