[thelist] Re: [the list] Bad Code vs Keeping Job -- Desicion and thanks

l a u r a *^* l y n c h cyberminkie at cyberwhirled.com
Wed Aug 9 13:33:02 CDT 2000

> so you're coding to the XHTML spec?
> i only ask because i see people throw XHTML things (/>) into
> their HTML without knowing that they are actually *not*
> coding to spec...

As often as possible. I'm not going back and updating old code (and I'm not
hybridizing old code when I add new stuff, either), but when I'm starting
fresh I figure why not code to the current W3C spec (XHTML 1.0) since it
doesn't break browsers or do anything nasty, and I find the strictness (all
lowercase, quote all attributes, close all tags, etc.) is great for
maintenance. One thing I find frustrating is that *editors* don't support it
yet (eg, Homesite inserts hex colors using caps and there's no way to make
it do lowercase as far as I can tell), nor do they validate for it. Maybe
next upgrade.

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