[thelist] using ASP and databases for images

Christopher Orth - HQ corth at casey.org
Thu Aug 10 11:57:35 CDT 2000

Some thoughts for you.....

> I would like to build a database to hold several hundred 
> images relating to

If you have "several hundred" images, you should really use a database
rather than regular links, OR you could use some form of ASP script that
would dynamically build a list(s) of contents out of a directory.  

> template for the

Template is the key here..... you are right on track with that thinking.
Building individual pages for several hundred images will make you old
before your time!

> A simple counter that would move forward and back, adding and 

Is a counter a requirement for this project?  If you have that many images
to display, your users will really want to have them broken up into
categories or smaller relative groups of some kind.  You will have almost
nobody actually sit and click "next" 200 times.  But if you do need a
counter function, you could build a unique number for each image into the
database and then display it as part of your template.  It would eliminate
the need for linear travel, but still allow it if necessary.  And it would
give your users a way to identify a picture in an absolute way.  "I want
cabinet 157 with the color from 38".

> The HTML pages will use thumbnails to improve load times and 

As a side note, if you are adding a database, you are not improving load
times.  Especially from Access.  That's not always a bad thing, but be sure
to work in extra load time from a database into your plans and design.  If
absolute speed is a requirement, don't use the database.

Another thought.  Are you REALLY setting up a "slide show" with several
hundred images?  Is this a special focused use of the internet, like using
it as an online catalog rather than a printed one?  Even if I was looking
through a lot of details and wanted to, I would bum out on clicking "next"
several hindered times!  You might want to think about automating the slide
show and giving the users a pause button of some sort.

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