[thelist] Slow-Load/No-Load Images

Aileen Wrothwell aileen at stonebikini.com
Thu Aug 10 16:00:29 CDT 2000

Hey people,

Thank you for all of your great responses to my plea for help with
rollovers.  Just a little update on my situation:  Several folks mentioned
the case sensitivity of Unix servers.  I write my HTML in lowercase,
including the extensions, so the case sensitivity is usually only
troublesome to me when I FTP to the server and somewhere in this process,
the image file extensions get changed to caps. I just go in and change them
back and all is groovy.  (Does anyone happen to know WHY this happens during
FTPing? Just curious.)  Today, I uploaded everything again, and nothing was
working, no matter how I changed the cases.

However, someone mentioned that there were caps in the extensions in my
HTML.  I checked it knowing full well that this wasn't true, and then there
it was--a whole string of GIFs instead of gifs.  A friend of mine had shared
this particular section of code with me, and I didn't even check it, but
just plugged it in.  Ugh.  I was right in the beginning: I was missing the
trees in the forest.  Thank goodness you're all willing to come to the
rescue once  again.  Thanks again for your help and speedy replies! Aileen.

Aileen R. Wrothwell
Stone Bikini
aileen at stonebikini.com

P.S. Someone also mentioned that this is a cache issue, where the images
aren't getting downloaded until you actually mouse over them.  Netscape
viewing works now, but even after fixing the extensions, I still have to
mouse over the images before they appear in IE4.  But at least they're not
disappearing after the mouseover anymore.  A.

My original question:

My situation:
I am working on a site with replacement mouseovers.  (The buttons are blue
and the mouseover is red.) Yesterday, (before during and after FTPing) I
viewed the site through Netscape 4.6 and IE4 and everything looked great.
The blue buttons were all where they were supposed to be, and the red
mouseovers popped up just when and as they were supposed to. Historically,
I've had to go in and change the extensions from .gif to .GIF in FTP when
broken links show up after publishing, and this has always solved any
problems.  I did this yesterday and all was going swimmingly.

My problem:
This morning, when I loaded the pages, they still looked and worked great
locally, but the buttons are wacky when I view them online.  In Netscape,
the buttons are completely invisible, no broken links showing, or
alternately, the blue buttons (image a) appear, but the red (image b)
mouseover never shows up.  In IE, the blue buttons (image a) show up as
broken links, then they all appear (but not at the same time, alas), and
then they all disappear and show as broken links again. I should add that
the IE process takes an excruciatingly long time, and even I can't tell when
it's finished loading; it will say "Done" at the bottom, and then when I
hover over the link, I get another message that says it's still loading.  If
I can't tell when it's done, how in the world will visitors know it?  I
tried renaming the file extensions as I mentioned above, but it's just not

The site is under construction where it currently lives at


Anyone have any suggestions?  More thanks than you can imagine, Aileen

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