[thelist] RE: help with dhtml and layers in NN

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 10 23:17:26 CDT 2000

posting this back to the correct list...

> From: [ vidman design ]
> Ok.. here we go. Im working on my newsite and its
> my first attempt at dhtml and layers.
> Looks great on IE5 on a PC but i try to open it
> in NN4.5 PC and it crashes the browser.

yep, hosed my NN...

> No idea of how it looks on a mac yet either.
> http://www.vidmandesign.com/odysseyhouse/test1.html

so, you wanna know why it does this in NN?  simple, you're
using DHTML and layers, probably some CSS-P in there...
NN4.x just isn't going to do what you want, it'll break...

how to fix it? dump the DHTML and layers?  can't really see
what the site does since NN keeps crapping...

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