[thelist] ICANN At Large - membership/nomination

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Fri Aug 11 02:03:34 CDT 2000

I managed (luckily) to get there in time, though it took an age for my PIN
to finally get through and I also had to contend with broken forms and the
like. However my main reason for signing up was to support Alan and happily
I am from Sweden, so I can certainly nominate you. I guess we need to wait
until the 15th when their forms go up, but feel free to give me a shout when
you need my support.

Regarding the closing of their elections - I guess it has as much to do with
their sign-up process as anything else. ICANN seem to have the heaviest
security process I have seen, apart from my online bank! They use a
username, password combo, but also use a PIN which is sent to you by snail
mail. I guess that administrative issues are the reason it takes them so
long to end out the PINs and that this is why they have closed the voting

Still not really acceptable though is it?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a good scrap and may the best Lemur win :-)


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> There has been discussion on voting. The snail mail portion of the
> membership process is way behind the online portion of the 
> registration
> process. I have e-mailed ICANN to find out if your 
> registration date(online)
> will determine your eligibility to vote. more soon!
> As the howling voice of the independant designer community, 
> one other thing
> needed to keep me on the ballot is a nomination from someone 
> outside the
> North american area..
> any takers?

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