[thelist] using ASP and databases for images

kevin raleigh krr at ix.netcom.com
Fri Aug 11 20:50:41 CDT 2000

Forgot to mention that I spent several hours reading up on C# and a few
other items the MS has coming out.
C# sounds like an incredible advancement for ASP.
The learning curve might be a little much for right now thou.
Have some languages to put under my belt in the mean time.
Just picked up Dreamweaver and read some about ultraDev.
Might be a good way to go until I can complete the languages I need.

Haven't used a WYSIWYG editor before except for Sam's tutorial for FrontPage
Couldn't get past all the proprietary stuff in FrontPage so I didn't follow
up on it.

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> Hi Kevin,
> I would suggest that if you have C as a ground language, then PHP may well
> be easier to pick up than ASP - however the latest version of ASP, ASP+
> include support for a new language called C#, which is going to be a kind
> subset of the C langauge with improved handling of Internet based
> information (such as information returned from forms). I personally use
> for different purposes and I would suggest that PHP is great to program,
> I'm only used to using it on Linux. I have no idea how strong it is on
> Windows.
> Sorry, I didn't want to muddy the waters for you, but your choice might be
> made easier considering that there are no ISP's running ASP+ yet. There's
> more information here:
> <wrap>
> D/msdn-files/027/000/976/msdncompositedoc.xml
> </wrap>
> and at www.asptoday.com
> Aside from that, as a beginner, whichever method you choose, you should
> almost certainly take an existing script and modify it to your needs.
> how I have learnt every programming language I use today. It saves a LOT
> time and for the sort of functionality you require there are many
> already available.
> If you are looking to the future with your application and see that you
> need to update the selection frequently, then you are almost certainly
> right, that a database solution will be best. However, even in that case,
> personally would store the images themselves in normal directories and the
> the information about each image (name, order, description etc) in the
> database itself.
> Wah - that looks like I've given loads of random info to you there! I hope
> it ends up being helpful.
> .steve
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> >
> >
> > Just started reading about PHP and it sounds infinitely
> > simpler to deploy.
> > Not sure i mentioned this in my previous article but I took
> > an intro course
> > to the C language. After reading two intro articles for PHP
> > it seems to me
> > that if I need the facilities of a server language then PHP
> > would be the
> > obvious choice.
> > Could you comment on this??
> >
> > As for your suggestions, the reason I thought of a server
> > image data base
> > was that this would enable unlimited growth for the image
> > catalog. I thought
> > it would make it easier in the long run.
> > Will have to spend some time looking thru your ideas before I go any
> > further.
> >
> > Good news today! Just got my new software... Dreamweaver...
> > Any comments,
> > suggestions, etc...Already thinking of Ultradev...
> > thanx
> > krr
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