[thelist] Critique please (http://squalidnet.port5.com)

Dave Stevens squalid at libertysurf.co.uk
Sat Aug 12 19:18:05 CDT 2000

> Personally, I like the simplicity and the colors. It seems to work well here
> on Win98SE, IE 5.
Thankyou, I spent quite a while designing this one.

> I suspect that Guestbook, Chat and Site don't work as they're still in the
> works.
Yes, that is indeed correct, I forgot to mention that in my original

> The CSS text size MAY be too small on MAC. I'll leave that for MAC folks.
Thanks for this bit of information - I have no experience with MACs so
comments would be appreciated.

> I don't like images that load in a new window with no obvious way back to
> the site. Maybe just an indication that the image will spawn a new window
> and do an X to return?
I'll put this in - does anyone else have any problem with this?

> I'm not too keen either on having to download a .zip file to read lyrics. Is
> there a reason you can't just show the lyrics?
Well the lyrics are displayed when you click on the song title, the only
use of .zip files is to download sounds, because they were such large
files.....I think this is the sort of thing I need to explain in "Site
Help" when I finish it.

> I think the pages bottom out too abruptly! I feel there should be more, if
> even just some white space.

I must admit, you're not the first person to point this out (naughty mr
dave :) ) This will be fixed.

> The "home" mouseover/replace effect hurts. A nice photographic image is
> replaced by a duplicate of the smaller adjacent image supposedly just to get
> back home? It says "go home", but it isn't linked. Where did that nice image
> go?  I tried trice but it burns.
Is this happening to anyone else that uses IE? This doesn't happen when
I go to the site, but I'm using Netscape 4.72 so this could be something
to do with IE....Are there any known differences in the way that IE
handles MouseOvers? Sorry if I'm being thick.

Thanks for your swift reply, your comments are appreciated.
Mr "I'm working on that tip" Dave

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