[thelist] open source development network

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Mon Aug 21 04:15:55 CDT 2000

Just wanted to say that I also think that this could have some real
benifits, but that we should perhaps consider a little more deeply what it
might mean to be a part of this network.

I would suggest that there be some discussion of benefits vs disadvantages
before evolt is committed to osdn's tender clutches :-) I personally feel
that the Andover network and VA Linux are possibly the best content
aggregator that we could be associated with. They have proven that their
alliegances lie with open source and have taken good care of other sites
within their circle (Slashdot, Freshmeat et al.). We should also consider
though the possible drawbacks. Could we open ourselves up to the sort of
trolling behaviour that has marred Slashdot so heavily by joining this
network? Are we prepared for the sort of increase in membership that this
might entail? 

I have every respect for the evolt membership and the moderator gods :-) We
handled a big influx of new members earlier this year (hi guys!!) who have
been nothing but a positive thing for evolt. I personally think that evolt
can handle it, but would like to see some more discussion rather than a
straightforward "go ahead".

What do you all think??


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> From: Daniel J. Cody [mailto:djc at five2one.org]
> Sent: den 18 augusti 2000 16:32
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> Subject: [thelist] open source development network
>OSDN, sponsored by VA Linux is a 'vortal'(sorry, i hate the word too :)
>for the open source community that is just getting started. They're
>looking for partners for content for their site, and I wondered what you
>all thought if we got evolt submitted to become a 'partner'?


> Just wondered what people might think, or if you had opinions 
> or if that
> would be a bad idea or what :)
> http://www.osdn.org
> thnx for the feedback 
> .djc.

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