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Mon Aug 21 12:09:43 CDT 2000

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> Hi, 
> I have a jump menu from which I'd like each menu item to open a 
> new window that I can size. I have figured out the javascript to open 
> a new window but have tried every way I  can think of to size it to 
> no effect.  Do any of you know how to do this?  I  promised this as 
> a feature of a website to be launched Wednesday with no idea that 
> it would be so problematic! 
> Any help would be more than greatly appreciated. 
> Thanks in advance, 
> Suellen 

Okay, try this:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function openWin() {
  var newURL=document.nav.url.options[document.nav.url.selectedIndex].value;

<form name="nav">
<select name="url" onChange="openWin()">
  <option value="Hi">Hi</option>
  <option value="Hello">Hello</option>

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