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Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Mon Aug 21 21:55:02 CDT 2000

Regarding evolt threads (front-end vs. back-end). I read & respond to 
what I can understand... let other do the same with what they 
understand.  But it's an interesting observation.

Having moved to a new town, I'm interviewing for web jobs.  It is the 
first time I've lived in an area that offers more than one or two 
full-time web jobs.  It feels like I have one foot in art-land and 
one in tech-land.  What a strange trip is web design!

I guess to embrace all of it, there needs to be a lot of tolerance 
between tech-oriented people and creative-types.  This is easier said 
than done. But if anyone can do it, evolt can.

I think that the idea of doing a locally-based word-of-mouth 
evangelism job for evolt is fantastic.  Just in the normal course of 
networking, you know... an evolt article comes up, a thread, a 
particularly helpful post...

BTW, any idea when we get to see that eagerly awaited redesign?


>if every member of evolt (yes, even those that lurk) emailed another web firm
>within their home town/city, and suggested that their developers check us out,
>we'd be doing alot more for:
>  - those developers - increasing their skills
>  - their audience - getting them to build better sites (more accessible, etc)
>  - the web as a whole - a more usable, attractive, etc web is a nicer web
>let me know what you think,

erika at seastorm.com

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