[thelist] Column Width Not Working in Netscape Communicator 4.7

Gregory.John.Toland at census.gov Gregory.John.Toland at census.gov
Tue Aug 22 07:50:33 CDT 2000

Thanks to Rudy.  It worked using the NOWRAP attribute.  I noticed at
this attribute has been deprecated.  Should I be wary of using this long term?


hi greg

gee i hope you don't get a slew of identical answers to your question  ;o)

(dan, f.y.i. maybe it's my mail system but i'm not seeing the posts until
approx 30 minutes after they're posted and i can't tell if they've been
answered yet within that time span...)

here's what you have, greg:

     <td width="200px" class="EvalCheckListBody">
           <input class="EvalCheckList" id="intMonth"
                  maxlength="2" name="intMonth" size="2" tabindex="1"

(nice code, by the way -- comprehensive and easy to read)

specify your cell widths without the px, i.e. width="200"

if that doesn't work, try using "nowrap" (sorry, can't remember if this is
html strict or not, i'm pretty sure it's html transitional)

    <td nowrap width="200"  [snip]

rudy limeback

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