[thelist] Cookie Ads and Tracking

Seth Bienek - Web Consultant sbienek at acep.org
Tue Aug 22 14:06:10 CDT 2000

> Basically, you add the offending servers to your hosts
> file and map them all to  Broken images ahoy.

Right.  I gathered that.  My question is, must an entry be added for every
server within the domain, or is there a way to cover all servers with one

ex. ad.doubleclick.net, ad2.doubleclick.net, www.doubleclick.net,
m.doubleclick.net, and m0.doubleclick.net would all require a seperate hosts
file entry, right?  And when they add new servers, those aren't covered
until they are added.

There a way around this?  Hmm?  :)


Seth Bienek
Independent ColdFusion Developer 

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