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Paul Bradforth pbi at dircon.co.uk
Tue Aug 22 19:27:40 CDT 2000

On 22/8/00 at 11:47 am, roselli at earthlink.net (aardvark) wrote:

> > Speaking as a sometime lurker, relative newbie, and
> > nontechnical-design-type, I have to say this:  If people want more
> > design-related threads, those people might consider posting more
> > design-related stuff.  Of course that's an oversimplification.  But,
> i'm glad to hear this... this is how i feel... if a reader thinks
> we're missing something, just ask... i had no idea we had people here
> with good video skills (i thought i was the DV freak), photographers,
> networking nuts, etc... not all web-specific, but certainly they can
> come up in web issues in the day-to-day... people ask weird things,
> and answers appear...

I like this list the way it is. I've only been here a couple of months,
but I feel good vibes, nice people. I definitely lean more towards
design than coding, and would love to see more design related threads;
I've been wary about starting anything along those lines though, as
there seems to be a preponderance of heavy programmers here, and I admit
to not understanding a lot of the replies, feel a little out of my
depth...but as Peggy says, them as wants it should start it, so as soon
as I've got something designy to say, you'll be the first to know :-)

<Fireworks tip>

It's not obvious in Fireworks how to adjust a graduation you've applied
to an object, because you apply it from a menu, rather than with a grad
tool as in Photoshop. The way to go is to choose the paintbucket tool
and click on the object with the grad in it. You'll get handles to drag
so that you can alter the angle and origin point of the grad.

</Fireworks tip>

best wishes,


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