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> I know how to write an .htaccess file to cause a
> redirect on a website server if the queried page does
> not exist (for 404,500 etc. errors) can anyone
> elucidate me on this process using ASP for an NT
> server? 
>  thanks so much!
If using Apache, the docs for access control by means of .htaccess are 

If using IIS 3.0, you can't do this IIRC.

If using IIS 4.0, use the MMC, and select the properties of the host,
directory or virtual directory you want to deal with, select the custom
error tab, and you can modify the location of the HTML templates used to
generate error msgs, or using the location shown, you can drill into the
files themselves as installed and modify them (i'd recommend using your own
files and pointing to them).  By default, error msg templates are stored in
C:\WINNT\help\common with the file name nnn.htm (where nnn is the error).
Where IIS has variants of an error, such as 401; 3, then file is nnn-x.htm -
e.g., 401-3.htm

good to see that my 89% pass on the IIS 4 exam wasn't put to waste ;)


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