[thelist] Re: open source development network

Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Wed Aug 23 07:54:17 CDT 2000


> Obviously I don't see option 1 as a viable one for us. However,
> I think the other 2 options are valid, but understanding what the bias
> is towards one or the other will be useful in making a decision.
> Can anyone think of any other reasons for doing this?

I would like to think there's a somewhat philanthropic reason as 

>From front end design and UI issues, through DB's and programming, to 
discussions about DNS, ICANN etc etc. Rational, intelligent, humorous 
discussions that have taught me more about the 'net than 4 years in a 
corporate web-dev enviroment ever did.

I have always been incredibly humbled by the amount of help and 
goodwill I've received from the list no matter how daft the question, 
and I hope in a small way I am able to give back to this community 
through tips, offlist emails and evangalising the list to other web 

Isn't that what we want to achieve? Better web sites through 
community effort. Becoming part of the OSDN will allow a greater 
audience to access all this amazing content that has been built by 
the evolt community. Our community.

Anyway, I'm welling up here, so I'm going to stop eulogizing and get 
on with some work. *:)

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