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Ever since I joined evolt.org my email is always full of great info from
evolt. I
am a budding web designer
who would rather be "working with electrons" & web building than
anything else.
QUESTION:   Is it acceptable to evolt to place a link on my web page to

Isaac Forman wrote:

> why would we join up?ÖÖÖÖÖÖ

> if every member of evolt (yes, even those that lurk) emailed another web firm
> within their home town/city, and suggested that their developers check us out,
> we'd be doing alot more for:
>  - those developers - increasing their skills
>  - their audience - getting them to build better sites (more accessible, etc)
>  - the web as a whole - a more usable, attractive, etc web is a nicer web
> etc
> let me know what you think,

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